Plantain Patties

January 14, 2012

These patties are easy to make and really melt in your mouth - they are that good. Also, plantain is healthy for you because it is a good source of B vitamins and potassium. For written recipes visit

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  1. 2 green plantains (will make about 8 patties)
  2. Salt
  3. 1 cup coarsely chopped cabbage
  4. 6 green chillies (optional)
  5. ¼ cup mint
  6. ½ cup cilantro
  7. 1/3 cup chick pea flour
  8. 2 teaspoon coriander powder
  9. Oil
  10. 1 tablespoon ginger


  1. Chop of the top and bottom of the plantain and slice into 2-inch-thick pieces (about 8 pieces)
  2. Take the skin off
  3. Add to a pot of boiling water with 1 tsp of salt and cook for 15 minutes
  4. To check if the plantain is cooked insert a fork, if it goes in smoothly it is cooked
  5. Put the plantain in a bowl
  6. Heat up a pan on a medium heat add the chick pea flour and coriander powder
  7. Roast until you feel the spoon can move around freely (should take a few minutes)
  8. Transfer to a bowl
  9. In the pan add 2 tsp oil
  10. Add the cabbage and cook until translucent
  11. In a food processor add the cabbage, chick pea flour, ginger, salt, 6 green chillies and cilantro
  12. Pulse until mixed well and you are able to form a patty, you may need to add 2 tbsp water if too dry
  13. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan
  14. Put the patties in and cook for about 4 minutes each side
  15. Serve with tomato sauce