Being in the Now

Dadi Janki, Administrative Head, Brahma Kumaris 

These days people feel they don’t have enough time.  This causes a lot of stress and unease. ‘Multi-tasking’ often leads to reduced concentration and mistakes – which then take up more time. Some become so dispirited by their ‘to-do’ list that they put things off, hoping it will be easier another day - or unnecessary if left long enough - and so the list gets longer…  When time feels like this, everything seems an effort. Yet there are people who do a lot but don’t appear to be busy; they are carefree.  How do they manage that?  The secret lies in how much we understand and value ourselves and time.  This enables us to focus on what is important. 

“The key is to be in the present and aware of myself as a spiritual being”

As human beings we constantly experience change – from being a child, to a young person, to an adult, then an older person.  Yet, ‘I’, the one who experiences the world and expresses myself through this ever-changing body, remain the same.  The key is to be in the present and aware of myself as a spiritual being, temporarily inhabiting the body I use, observing and taking part in the great drama of life. I play my physical role with responsibility but I can also step back mentally from that role and observe myself. The role then becomes more beautiful, more precise and more accurate, because, I can understand better how to play it objectively. I come into time - into the drama of life - but I can also step back into another awareness – that of timelessness, of eternity.  This practice we experience and develop through silence and meditation.  

I am sometimes asked. “Where do you get your energy from?”  If I use my time, energy and money in ways that are benevolent and useful I experience a lot of happiness and strength internally and in my relationships.  We can waste so much time and energy thinking unhelpfully of the past – or creating expectations of an ideal future. Yesterday is gone and it is what I do in this moment that will determine the future that I and others would like to see. So what I have to do is focus my attention on the present and the quality of my thoughts, words and actions now.

With a better understanding of myself and time, I am able to tap into my inner power and the power and energy of the One above – and use that in a worthwhile way to help bring about positive change in my own life and in the world.