Resilience in Values

How have you developed values resilience so when you have faced a challenge to your values you have still lived them in your behaviour and speech?

It is important that we engage with our values at every moment of our lives. By doing so, we integrate our inner spiritual life with outer actions. This enables our core human values to bring about a lasting transformation in society.

The way to live our values is to integrate our inner thoughts, awareness, attitude and feelings with our outer expression. By empowering our values from the inside, we can live them, even in the most challenging situations. Empowering values from the outside, maybe by praise or recognition, makes them transitory and easily compromised by external influences or inner fears. Empowering values from the inside makes them lasting and consistent.

By taking time to reflect or meditate, I can begin to understand that I have all that I need inside my own being. Internally we all have the treasures of peace, love and wisdom. Reflecting deeply allows me to touch a deeper part of myself, which gives me the inner strength and resilience needed to live by my values, no matter what. Living our values realises our true humanity.


Written by Maureen Goodman, Programme Director, Brahma Kumaris UK.